Min Enterprise

Min Enterprise is a Hotel Management company specialized in Hotel development, consulting and managing. We currently manages Acube Hotel Dongdaemoon. Want make a profit from old hotels?
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Hotel Management

Min Enterprise prides itself on housing all of our hotel management services in-house. We have a hotel consultant dedicated to working with properties and their tax needs. We carry all kind of process for hotel renovation to make a profit for you.

Accounting / Cost control

Min Enterprise’s financial reporting is complete, accurate, and open. Regular financial statement provide you with all the numbers, monthly Owner’s reports offer the in-depth information you need to make good decisions.

Sales & Marketing

Our sales team offers experience, best practices, training, oversight, and support to every property in the field. We also support front-line management with a range of reports designed to help forecast room sales and catering demand.

Human Resources / Training

House keeping out-sourcing

We keep the utmost cleanness with our specialist.

Min Enterprise recruits talented hotel personnel and also trains them with global 5star hotel standard.


We purchase all kind of supplies for opening and operating your hotel with reasonable price.

Setting up all the hotel operating system such as Paying system, Property Management System, Accounting program and Reservation system and so on)

Advisory Service

Market Study (Feasibility study)

Hotel demanding forecasting, SWOT analysis, financial report

Determining a hotel character and managing plan

Hotel buying and selling advice / Asset Management consulting

Hotel development suggestion through an in-depth real estate valuation

Accounting & Consulting

Reducing the total cost by analyzing the payroll cost, material cost and all sort of purchasing cost.